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SEMS Sdn Bhd located in Balakong, Selangor, Malaysia, is an established engineering firm specializing in design and manufacturing of heat sinks and various metal-stamped parts in the electronic and automobile industry.


First started operation in 1997, our primary focus was metal stamping production, tooling design and fabrication. Over the years, our company has grown to have more than 20 engineering experts, as compared to 5 personnels when we first started.

In 1999, we started to utilise the progressive stamping method to cope with the increasing demand for our heat sink production.

Our company is experienced in many types of manufacturing techniques. In the early 2000, we started to invest more into automated production methods. In order to enhance our production capability, we introduced automated pin feeding device into our power press machines. In year 2002, we further increased our manufacturing skills by using auto tapping machines, along with multi spindle tapping head devices.

SEMS uses a total system design methodology approach towards developing automated production solutions. This simply means our engineers consider all the interdependent variables prior to developing a solution. Beginning 2003, we started to use robotic arm and other customised automation system to run our daily production. Automated solution helps to reduce total cycle time, increases productivity and improves quality. This evolution has efficiently cut our manpower usage, from 7 persons to only 3, in a particular production line and thus, helping us to be more competitive in terms of our product pricing.

To futher strengthen our commitment towards our customers, we invested a total 100% production online auto checker device in year 2006. This auto checker has again eliminated the use of extra manpower in quality control. As the peak of our invention, this device does not only help to identify defect products, but at the same time displays and records all the important parameters such as critical dimensions, pin length, and pin force for each and every piece of heat sink that we produce.
We welcome you to explore our expertise in providing quality engineering solutions and what we could do for you. Whether it is a new design or an existing design you need to cost reduce, we are able to support you with extraordinary service.



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